Windmill Pokémon (found on

Drifmill is one of the evolutions of Drifloon, the other being Drifigible.
Drifblim Evo

Info text: A legend says that Drifmill flies forever. The hallt of it's propeller's turning would include the wind stop blowing. Few of them exist. A Drifblim, every 10 years will evolve into Drifmill, and they lose their connections and thoughts to their trainers and wander off into the sky, forever floating. Hordes of Drifloon and Drifblim fly with them to take cover beneath its cloud collar and hide away from enemies.

Specie: Windmill Pokémon
Type: Ghost/Flying
Height: 20'3
Weight: 75.5lbs
Pr-Evolution: Drifblim, Drifloon
Evolution: N/A
Items for Evolution: Cloud Balloon
Area, Region: N/A
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