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Dunsparce Evo Krilsparce.png

Krilsparce is the evolved forme of Dunsparce. (made by JESGRAD07, from DeviantArt)

PokéDex Description:'It's bright, royal colors shine brilliantly in the light. It's golden scales are sold for high prices in stores. During battle it uses it's forearms to protect itself - when it puts it's forearms together they form a barrier that grows to shield it's entire body. It is able to wear the shield on one arm if it wants to. It uses it's long tail as a drill and sword.The tail also serves as a counterbalance for the heavy armor covering it's entire body.'

Shiny Krilsparce

Abilities: 'Levitate' or 'Edged Armour' (Two-edged sword)

Moves: 'Mighty Roar', 'Tail Smash', 'Dragon Blaze', 'Horn Toss' ...

Specie: Land Dragon Pokémon
Type: Dragon/Normal
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Pre-Evolution: Dunsparce
Evolution: N/A
Items for Evolution: Hold King's Rock and then learn Tail Smash
Area, Region: N/A