Love Pokémon

Luvveon is the the special Valentine's Day Evolution of Eevee. (Made by Twime777 (who is gay) from YouTube)

PokéDex Information Edit

It brings incredible good luck to couples and those who are single to find a mate. It's also known for its insane faggotry. It's always giddy and full of love.  


Sometimes one will find Luvveon greeting shoals of Alomomola and Luvdisc, earning its name as the "Love of the Sea." Sometimes one will find it cumming into other men, earning its name as the "Love of Other Men."

Love Type: It is super effective against Dark, and Fighting.  It is not very effective on Fire, Ice and Poison.  It is weak to Poison, Ice and Bug.  

Specie: Love Pokémon
Type: Love/Flying
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Pre-Evolution: Eevee
Requirements for Evolution: Raise Eevee one level on 14th February
Area, Region: N/A


  • Luvveon is the only Pokémon which evolves on a special date. (14th February)
  • There are no other Pokémon with the same type combination.
    • Luvveon is also the only Pokémon with the Love Type.
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