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Love Pokémon

Luvveon is the the special Valentine's Day Evolution of Eevee. (Made by Twime777 from YouTube)

PokéDex Information[]

It brings incredible good luck to couples and those who are single to find a mate. It's always giddy and full of love.  

Sometimes one will find Luvveon greeting shoals of Alomomola and Luvdisc, earning its name as the "Love of the Sea."

Love Type: It is super effective against Dark, and Fighting.  It is not very effective on Fire, Ice and Poison.  It is weak to Poison, Ice and Bug.  

Specie: Love Pokémon
Type: Love/Flying
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Pre-Evolution: Eevee
Requirements for Evolution: Raise Eevee one level on 14th February
Area, Region: N/A


  • Luvveon is the only Pokémon which evolves on a special date. (14th February)
  • There are no other Pokémon with the same type combination.
    • Luvveon is also the only Pokémon with the Love Type.