Mastermime is the evolved form of Mr. Mime and the final form of Mime Jr. Mastermime is a Barrier Pokémon (found on here)
Mime Evo

Mastermime loves to make others believe false realities. It can make its viewers think it's actually doing whatever it's miming, to confuse them. It lives in a distortion from our world.  There it teaches Mime Jr. to develop their psychic and barrier skills and help them prosper into skilled Mr. Mime.  Mastermime evolves when a Mr. Mime is traded whilst holding a Blank Box.  Its powers are so strong that its false realities can make its viewers think they're real and start to fantasize.

Specie: Barrier Pokémon
Type: Psychic
Height: 4'8
Weight: 141.3lbs


Mr. Mime
Items for Evolution: Give Mr. Mime a Blank Box before trading it.
Area, Region: N/A
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