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Omonaut is the evolved form of Omastar and the final form of Omanyte a.k.a Lord Helix

Omastar Evo.png

Omonaut became extinct millions of years ago, but even when it existed, it was rare. It would push itself backwards through the water using its powerful tentacles, and slam into enemies with its protective shell.

Because it was so rare, a huge Pokémon kept hunting it because of its nutritious body.  It can whirl around in its shell to protect itself from predators. It was believed that they lived underground undersea where Omastar would guard their burrows to protect the Omanyte young. Omonaut would carry out duties and sometimes enlist themselves to attack.

Specie: Spiral Pokémon
Type: Rock/Water
Height: 5'10
Weight: 97 lbs
Pre-Evolution: Omastar, Omanyte
Items for Evolution: Level up while holding Mystery Strand
Area, Region: N/A