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Pryncice is the evolution of Jynx and the final form of Smoochum. 

Jynx Evo.png

Pryncice dances on the ice in the middle of frozen lakes. It's so gracefully balanced that it never slips, and even if the ice cracks, it leaps away unharmed. It lives among packs of Jynx and Smoochum.  The one with the most decorative crown is the leader.  They are very fast and can sense danger easily. Their favorite food is the cool morning frost.  

Species: Human Shape Pokémon
Type: Ice/Psychic
Height: 4'11
Weight: 91.8lbs
Pre Evolution: Jynx, Smoochum
Items for Evolution: Use Waterfall while Jynx is wearing a Ice Crown
Area, Region: N/A